Agile Awareness Workshop

English – Virtual Live Classroom

What is it about ?

The Agile Awareness Workshop is a one-day practical immersion on Agile values and principles. Through exercises, discussion and simulations, participants will experience Scrum as one of the most popular Agile development methodologies. 


What’s in it for you?

By completing this workshop, participants will have:

  • A deeper understanding of Agile essence and Principles
  • An overview of SCRUM methodology and hands-on interactive class exercises
  • Better knowledge of Agile environments and tools

Who should attend ? 

  • Those who plan to adopt Agile
  • Scrum Masters, Scrum teams, Product Managers
  • Managers and project team leaders
  • Project managers
  • Project coordinators
  • Project support staff
  • Project administrators
  • Consultants and subcontractors

**The ideal group size for this workshop is 12 to maximum 18 participants.



1 day






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