Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®)

English – Virtual Live Classroom

What is it about ?

This course focuses on how to advance your organization’s business relationship management (BRM) capability by cultivating the competencies to evolve culture beyond single accountability to shared ownership and foster effective business value-producing relationships.

The purpose of the BRMP® qualification is to measure whether a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Business Relationship Management (BRM) role and organizational capability to be able to create awareness of the role with their business partners and senior provider management; assess the current state of their business-provider relationships, business demand maturity and provider supply maturity with the objective of scoping what aspects of the BRM role would be appropriate to implement, or, where already implemented, which aspects need to be adjusted.

What’s in for you ?

  • Lead with business as peers by playing a proactive role in shaping business strategy and sharing ownership for business results.
  • Use Portfolio Management disciplines and techniques to optimize realized business value.
  • Understand the principles of effective and persuasive communication.

Who should attend ?

  • Business Managers
  • Managers in IT, HR, Finance, Customer Relationship
  • External Partners
  • Provider Managers
  • Function Owners
  • Those with a Business Relationship Management role or position
  • Consultants looking to gain an insight into Business Relationship Management


3 days




Exam Format

50 multiple-choice questions

The pass mark is 50%

40 minutes duration

Closed book

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