100 people to certify to ensure the success of the institution’s digital transition



The client is a Canadian chartered bank operating in three segments: full-service retail and small and medium business banking, wealth management and capital markets.





End User Count: 20 000 to 30 000
Reach: National – Canada




The Context

Given the constant evolution of the IT market, this client concluded that IT training for its managers and technicians was essential to better manage and improve its services due to the increasing expectations of the market. With this in mind, our client wanted its IT staff to receive training.

The Challenges

The client wanted to adapt standard IT practices to its environment and practices. Its goal was to standardize the language to improve the company’s productivity. This training would allow the company to centralize everything and manage in a more productive and efficient way.


We offered our client virtual training in groups of 10 people led by one of our IT trainers specialized in the banking sector. The trainer has even customized the training material to the client’s practices.



The training provided participants with a variety of knowledge about information technology management concepts and services. In addition, it provided them with the necessary tools to integrate these concepts into IT services.

The Pomerol Difference

“The IT certification allowed the client’s employees to learn the common terminology used, accepted and recognized by IT professionals in different industries. It also gave them an overview of the integration of IT within the business so they could better understand the various IT projects and take decisions in line with overall business objectives.”

Jean-François Tremblay

Executive VP, Partner, Pomerol

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