(Re)gain Control of Telecom Expenses to Reduce OPEX Budgets


The client is a Canadian-based consulting firm operating in the construction environment. They are present in 40 countries and have than 500 offices. Listed on a stock exchange, the company must comply with strict rules of governance and accountability. Effectively one of the world’s largest professional services consulting firms, they plan, advise, design, manage and engineer sustainable solutions that will benefit generations to come. They deliver solutions that shape the cities and help societies find ways to thrive sustainably today.




Engineering and Construction
End User Count: More than 60 000
Reach: International



A Company’s Culture Based On Growth Through Acquisition

In recent years, they have acquired an average of five companies a year. As a result, they have faced challenges in integrating these businesses, as each has their own particularities and requirements. During a merger or acquisition, it’s vital to ensure that there is no duplication of effort and services while making sure that the company pays for what it needs and that the products and services meet the company’s requirements.

    The Challenges of Telecom Expenses

    Telecom spending is one of the most difficult IT expenses to manage, as it has evolved many times over, has become a commodity and is intangible, making it difficult to control.

    As most growing companies see their budgets increase, growth in telecoms spending is often seen as normal.


    Pomerol Consulting Group has accompanied the client through these acquisitions, offering value-added services ranging from identifying the services required to monitoring changes and holding the preferred vendors accountable. Drawing on their 20 years in the telecom industry, Pomerol worked closely with local and international providers to implement processes that enabled the client’s stakeholders to make strategic decisions.


    • $8M + net cash generated over 4 years on an annual 15M$ wired telecom expenditures.
    • Audited 2000 + active telecom services worldwide.

     Thanks to its continuous auditing service, Pomerol was able to detect numerous billing errors on supplier contracts, as well as services terminated following office mergers or changes of supplier. In large organizations, technologies are scattered, and changes are implemented at a fast pace. Our in-depth market intelligence and experience enable us to optimize the current services when required.

    The Pomerol Difference

    Our goal: to enable you to (re)gain and maintain full control of your IT spending.

    We help large companies’ procurement teams with their RFP and financial optimization initiatives to generate significant added value through the following interventions:

    • Comparative evaluation of products, services and negotiated rates.
    • Audit of IT spending and budgets.
    • Optimization of IT spend management.
    • Strategic coaching and tender realization.
    • Cost/benefit analysis.
    • Development of procurement strategies.

    Pairing your IT and M&A team with Pomerol will optimize your time to focus on business value-generating activities and ensure smooth integrations.

    “Many organizations already have TEM tools, but no one analyzes the data, so no good decisions come of it. Our expertise is in untangling the data to save you money.”

    Alex Ghaleb

    Practice Director, IT Procurement, Pomerol

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