Senior ServiceNow solution Architect to drive organizational transformation


The client is one of the largest insurance and wealth management companies in Canada. Operating in North America and having grown primarily through acquisition, this organization faces challenges of harmonization, standardization and regulatory compliance.




End User Count: 10 000 to 20 000
Reach: National – Canada



The Context

After deploying a complex and costly IT service management solution in a “minimal viable product” mode, the organization’s management was now faced with the challenge of leveraging the full functionality of this promising platform to automate as many processes as possible. Since the internal team had no experience with this major platform yet, they were struggling to establish a direction for driving internal use of the tool and moving it forward.

The organization mandated Pomerol to find a senior Solution Architect who had experience in guiding a large organization through this journey.

    The Challenges

    Private companies may have difficulty finding top experts. However, these rare gems are often happy to contribute to time-limited projects to continue to hone their skills and thus remain at the cutting edge.


    We provided the services of a full-time consultant to lead the various internal IT service improvement projects. Our consultant invoices the hours worked on a monthly basis.


    The consultant plays an important role in the evolution of the IT Service Management platform and actively participates in the realization of several deliverables. He is also responsible for the management and execution of several products and processes.

    The Pomerol Difference

    In addition to contributing to the short and medium-term evolution of the ServiceNow platform, our expert helps the organization raise its level of maturity in the management of the organization’s IT processes.

    The right person, in the right place, at the right time.

    “Most of the expert requests we receive are described by our customers as “unicorns”, but we always manage to present them with the pearl they’re looking for.”

    Louis Jutras

    VP, Sourcing, Pomerol

    Are you too, looking for the right unicorn?

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